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Fresh Cut Christmas Trees!

Big Wave Dave's Christmas Trees

See Our Tree Care Tips Below

Types of Trees Available at Big Wave Dave's Christmas Trees

Douglas Fir

This tree has one of the best aromas among Christmas trees, the needles have a sweet fragrance. It's blue to dark green needles radiate from the branch in all directions.

Noble Fir

This popular tree has short stiff branches, great for displaying large or heavier ornaments. The bluish-green needles keep well and have a wonderful traditional fir fragrance.

Fraser Fir

Known for its excellent needle retention, this tree has a dark green, flattened needle with an elegant silvery undertone. It has a pyramid shape and strong branches; good for narrow spaces.

Grand Fir

With a sort of "old fashion" look; this tree has a shiny flat, dark green long needle and a full, wide conical shape. The needles when crushed, give off a wonderful citrus fir fragrance.

Nordman Fir

This tree looks good big; great for businesses or vaulted ceiling homes! It has dark green, flattened long needles with a silver-blue below. The branches are long and wide with great needle retention.

Natural Silver Tip

A decorators delight - from modern, to elegant, to quirky! The long branches are sturdy and layered perfect for displaying your ornaments. The hardy needles have a green/blueish tint.

Tree Care Tips

  • Please Place Your Fresh Cut Christmas Tree in Water within 2 Hours. Check the Water Level at Least Daily to Make Sure the Tree Base is Submerged in Water. Never Let the Bowl Run Dry!
  • Do Not Place Your Tree Near a Heat Source Such as a Fireplace, Vent, Heater, or Picture Window. Keep the Room as Cool as Possible.
  • Use a Tree Stand Adequate to Hold the Size of Your Tree & Deep Enough to Provide Plenty of Water. Do Not Whittle the Side of the Trunk.
  • Use Low Heat Lights Such as Miniatures; Inspect Strands Before Placing on the Tree; Do Not Overload Circuits. Always Turn Off Lights When Leaving the House or Going to Bed.